Australian Import / Export Resources

Exporting to China

China is potentially one of the biggest markets for Australian exporters to explore. A country of 1.3 billion people whose economic development in recent years has has been increasing steadily. People of China have now increased spending power and consumer demand for many products, especially imported products is high.

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Intellectual Property in Australia

Intellectual property (IP) is the general name given to the laws covering patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, circuit layouts, and plant breeder’s rights.

Intellectual property laws protect the property rights in creative and inventive endeavours and give creators and investors certain exclusive economic rights, generally for a limited time, to deal with their creative works or inventions.

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Importing goods to AustraliaAustralian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) index page giving access to information on inspection of cargo as well as import controls for food, live animals, animal products, fish, aquatic products, timber, plants and grains.

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Importing to Australia

If you import goods into Australia, you will be affected by certain government regulations. Your goods must be cleared by the Australian Customs Service (Customs) and duty and taxes may be payable.

You also need to be aware of import permits, quarantine permits and treatment that apply to imported goods.

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Export HubThe Export Hub brings together the expertise and services of AusIndustry and Austrade’s TradeStart programs and is a convenient one-stop shop designed to assist Australian businesses gain information, advice and support to help them to become innovative and internationally competitive.

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EXDOC (Export Documentation)EXDOC provides the ability to generate Export Documentation from exporters, and where product is eligible, issues export permits, health certificates, certificates as to condition and phytosanitary certificates to enable export.

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Excise duty is a tax levied on alcohol, tobacco and petroleum products manufactured in Australia.

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Assisting Australian Exporters

Here's some information assisting Australian companies who are in the export trade or looking to enter into it:

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Information on frauds, scams and dishonest conduct

Below are the details of some dishonest schemes that have been brought to our attention, operating in certain markets. This is information on such schemes, is not offered as advice nor is it a comprehensive list of such schemes. Austrade provides this information to highlight the importance of being aware of such practices and validating the credentials of potential buyers and partners.

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Different ways to take your business offshore

Exporting a product

Read about:
- Types of offshore representation
- Selecting a representative to meet your needs
- Distribution options
- Tendering for overseas business

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Preparing your business for export

There are a number of factors that must be considered when preparing to export, such as financial issues, market research, preparing an export plan, visiting the country you’re planning to export to and alternative approaches.

Thinking about your readiness to export is a way of identifying key success factors and helping you in your planning. The exporter checklist will help you in this process. Also, as part of your preparation take some time to understand the risks of exporting.
Financial issues

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Benefits of exporting

Exporting can be a profitable way of expanding your business, spreading your risks and reducing your dependence on the local market. Austrade research shows that, on average, exporting companies are more profitable than their non-exporting counterparts.

Exporting exposes you to new ideas, management practices, marketing techniques, and ways of competing that you wouldn’t have experienced by staying at home. All this considerably improves your ability to compete in the domestic market as well.

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Australia Travel Information

Australians are popularly known for their relaxed and casual lifestyles. However, there are some unwritten rules that visitors are advised to follow. Eating and drinking in public transports and many shops and galleries are usually unacceptable. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public buildings, restaurants, on public transports, in taxis and most stores.

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